tree canopy map

Explore Lexington's Tree Canopy

Why do trees and urban tree canopy matter? Using data from the 2014 Lexington Urban Tree Canopy Analysis, this map is an interactive data visualization tool, inviting us to explore the extensive benefits of trees in our city, Both with the 25% canopy cover exisitng currently and the 30% goal, this map shows the property value increase, reduction in water pollution, removal of air pollutants, and carbon sequestration and storage, totalling almost $50 million, Lexington's trees provide.

step by step map

Service Locator Map

Map in the field of Nonprofit GIS. Assists local Lexington non-profit daily. Step by Step helps young mothers, ages 14-24, get connected with services, such as education, housing, financial assistance, food, etc. This map is a tool for Step by Step personnel as well as young mothers to use to locate services near to them; available on Step by Step's website. Users input their address and can filter services.

data view lex

(Data)View of Lexington

(Data)View of Lexington is a new project designed to be a socio-economic and demographic data explorer for Lexington. Drawing on Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data, this tool allows users to take a "view" of Lexington. In its early stages, the current map displays 8 characteristics of Lexington, including the spatial patterns of poverty level, unemployment, and unaffordable housing.


Vacant Properties & Spatial Reach of Landlords

In collaboration with the data-driven group, Lexington Housing Studies, this map draws lines between the owners and locations of vacant properties in Lexington. As vacancy is concentrated in a negatively-pathologized, under-resourced area of the city, this map is a critical analysis of the causes of vacancy and 'blight.' Vacant properties could be made into permanently affordable housing.

ky unemployment map

Unemployment in Kentucky: 2000 ‐ 2013

This is an interactive, choropleth map showing unemployment rates in Kentucky for the years 2000-2013. The map uses a range slider to sequence through the years and update the map, legend, and info panel dynamically.


Hi, I'm Laura and this is me selling $10 trees.
I study gentrification, agriculture, and how to create awesome interactive maps. The power and utility of mapping as a information-sharing, empowerment-giving, and tool-providing platform are demonstrated strongly in each of these areas of my interests. It's been fun to work with maps in different ways and I am excited for what my next map will be! The dream is to make maps, farm, and support the planting of locally-sourced, native trees via Oakland Farm Trees.

laura and trees